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Sometimes it is the tiniest of details that can cause the biggest headaches.

In July of 1977 New York City suffered a 24-hour blackout that resulted in riots, looting, arson and other incidents of general mayhem. Over 1,600 stores were damaged, 1,037 fires were started and 3,776 miscreants landed in jail.

Small Business CRM Savannah GA | United WebWorksWhy? Lightning struck Con Edison’s Buchanan South substation, but it wasn’t that. Substations are equipped to handle the occasional bolt or two. No, it was a single locknut that an employee neglected to tighten that prevented the circuit breaker from reclosing, therefore cutting off the electricity to most of the city.

If you’re a small business owner, you may be struggling to do so many things at once that the idea of managing your customer relationships may seem like a neglectable detail. However, making repeat customers a priority can help you gain traction in sales and even reduce your workload too.

Need help? A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place can help you manage your customer relationships through automation that allows you to be in several places at once. you’ll end up being more effective in your marketing, customer service, and the bottom line as you reap the rewards of satisfied (and may we say delighted) repeat customers..

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Monday morning, 8:30. Roscoe Higgins swings the door open and enters his corner office. Placing his coffee cup on the mahogany desk, he wiggles his computer mouse and logs in. "Last week was a good one," he murmurs, "Now we'll get going on an even better one."

Roscoe opens his email app and scans it for any weekend developments. He has decisions to make, meetings to set up, leads to follow up on, and sales to close; but without knowing the vital signs of Roscoe, Inc., Mr. Higgins is helpless.

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Bag Excel and Bring On the CRM Software!


Web Design Savannah CRM Software"it's in my purse… somewhere…"

Brenda's handbag is a stylish Tory Burch; bottomless but cute at the same time. Were an archaeologist to unearth it 500 years from now, the life of a typical 21st century professional could be reconstructed to a fairly high degree of accuracy.

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