Had a good year? Don't let Uncle Sam ruin it!


Had a great year?  You just made Uncle Sam’s day!  If you have yet to sit down with a CPA for tax planning, now is the time.  A good CPA can reduce your tax liability, providing more money for you to save and invest. The most common techniques involve:

  •   Delaying income until next year
  •   Accelerating payments of current and upcoming   expenses
  •   Investing in your business for an even better next year

Smart investments in yourself and your business can minimize your tax liability and set you up for an even better 2018. Here are our best recommendations:

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Are You Camera Ready? | Video Marketing for Your Brand

We’re suckers for The Latest Trend, aren’t we?

Are You Camera Ready? | Video Marketing for Your BrandIf you didn’t have a “Baby on Board” caution sign in your car window, you probably had a MySpace profile, could be seen performing the “Running Man” dance maneuver or participated in an ice bucket challenge. Fads come and go about as rapidly as snow in the desert.

One of the hottest trends on business websites is video marketing. Predictions anticipate that it will continue to be the fastest-growing feature on mobile and desktop computers for at least the next three years. The percentage global consumer internet traffic that is video-related will grow, estimates a Cisco white paper, from 70 percent in 2015 to 82 percent by 2020.

The thing is, it might not be a hot trend at all. Videos on business websites look like they’re going to become a permanent feature of the online landscape, like blue jeans or air conditioning in your car.

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