How To Choose A Domain Name Like A Marketing Pro

How To Choose A Domain Name Like A Marketing Pro | United WebWorksYour Website Address, For the Leads!

About domain names… Some people have their own domains that seem so real, but they're just inside their heads. They get to be king or queen of their private domain, but since its imaginary it doesn't do too much for their business.

Perhaps your domain is your business. Whatever you say goes, boss. It's fun to be the potentate of your own office until you realized you can't keep your employees longer than a few months.

Even though the domains we're talking about are invisible and you get to do whatever you want in them, they aren't just imaginary figments or political arrangements. No, they are online domains.

What we're talking about is a virtual space on the internet that is reserved for you, a principality marked out in megabytes and Kilohertz. This domain is the place where your customers get to know you, and ultimately decide to buy from you.

Why is your domain name important? Because a long, forgettable or irrelevant domain name makes you unfriendly. Your domain name represents you to world!

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Domain Check (Mate): A Lesson from Presidential Candidates

domain check Trump and Jeb Bush

What happens if you don't pay your cell phone bill? If you don’t make a payment every month, your phone services will end. You might get some leniency at first, maybe a late fee or two, but at some point, they will cut your phone service off entirely. This is pretty intuitive: if you simply pay the bill by the due date, you won't have any issues. 

This concept of paying to keep your service active is so simple, that you’d think everybody understands it. However, that’s not always the case.

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Domain Names and Online Marketing

Companies spend millions on branding. They painstakingly craft just the right logo, slogan, taglines, colors, letterhead, and countless other big and small details, hoping to get a slight name-recognition advantage in a super-competitive marketplace.

It would be hard to deny that most of that effort centers on the name of the enterprise. Naming is hugely important across all your marketing platforms, especially your online presence. Your Domain Name is no exception.

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