How to do Email Marketing the RIGHT Way

email marketing

Email marketing generates results. The big question faced by marketing managers is how to do email marketing to produce the desired return on investment (ROI).

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6 Social Media Posts Proven to Get More Engagement


As a business owner, you know it's important to keep up on social media. This is a great way for you to communicate with current and potential customers. However, you need to be smart about how you use social media. In order for it to work, you need to get your customers engaged. Here are 6 types of social media posts proven to get more engagement.

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How to Define Buyer Personas


There are many things that a business requires in order to be successful. One such thing that any business will need is the means in which they define buyer personas. This is extremely important in order to facilitate business operations.

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Get a Business Website that Google Loves

google search


Google a phrase like this one:

"How does Google rank pages?"

...and in less than one second, it gives you a list of ten links you can click on to learn more. That's ten possibilities out of 273 million. How does Google decide what makes the front page what doesn't?

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Seven Marketing tasks you can do in an hour or less

pexels-photo-260637It's Friday afternoon- you've got one hour with nothing scheduled. You can…

  • Take another round trip to the coffee machine, bathroom, conference room and a quick lap around the parking lot
  • Grab a short nap
  • Call your mother and catch up on all the hometown gossip
  • Decorate your office for the next holiday

Or you can invest that valuable 60 minutes in growing your business by taking on a quick marketing task! Of course, we always recommend a fully orchestrated, fine tuned and goal driven marketing plan, but something small is always better than nothing!

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