Most Effective Digital Advertising Trends in 2022

April 27, 2022

digital advertising trends

We have seen a dramatic shift in the way businesses are advertising their products and services in the last couple of years. In 2022, marketers are switching their budgets over to digital advertising instead of former offline advertising trends. So, what is causing advertisers to predict that digital advertising is the best way to gain new customers this year?

It isn’t really news that everything has gone digital. People are rarely paying attention to magazines, newspapers, and even billboards. The ads that consumers will be more affected by are the ones that they will see the most, which will be on the apps, websites, and social media channels on their phones. That being said, here are the most effective digital advertising trends that your business needs to know.

digital advertising trends

Display Advertising Trends

Display ads can include anything from banners, images, video, and text that show up on websites, apps, and social media. Along with the popularity of mobile display ads rising, banner video ads are also on the rise. As you’re scrolling through a website, do you think a video or a motionless image will capture more attention? Our eyes are naturally drawn to movement. Adding some form of motion into your ads will go a long way whether that’s an actual video or just one part of an image making a repeated motion. Actions will make customers want to act!

Video Advertising Trends

digital advertising trends

While we’re on the topic of video, the types of video, duration, and where they are placed on screen are all important aspects to consider when creating an advertising campaign. As videos like Instagram Reels and TikTok are continuing to gain popularity, it’s obvious that audiences are interested in shorter videos. The shorter the better. And if the content is able to explain a product, service, or idea in less time, customers are more likely to watch more of your content knowing it won’t take too much time away from their busy lives. 

Overall, YouTube is the best platform for video advertising due to its continued success over several years now. Other video platforms in the past lost popularity as soon as another website or app surfaced, but nothing has been able to compete with YouTube. When creating any type of advertisement, you should always consider the platform you want it on and the placement to get the most out of your advertising efforts.

Social Media Advertising Trends

Due to the pandemic starting in 2020, social media users have increased and users who were already using these platforms started spending more time on them. Whether people are using it for entertainment, educational purposes, connecting with others, etc., using social media advertising is an extremely effective way to get your products or services known to the public.

digital advertising trends

Facebook and LinkedIn have proven to be the platforms that are being the most used and are expected to continue growing in users and time spent on the websites. LinkedIn is particularly great for B2B, or business to business, sales. According to statistics, an ad on LinkedIn can reach 14.6% of the world’s population and is targeted towards professionals 18 years and older. 

Whether your business already has advertising experience or is brand new to the world of digital advertising, these are the trends that will be continuing to take off in 2022 and should be considered for the success of your company. If you’re not sure which type of digital advertising is right for your specific business, United WebWorks has the experience to help. Contact us today about any online marketing questions to see more growth in your company!

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