Website Marketing- how prepared are you?

BeFunky-photoPierre loved riding his bicycle. Almost every weekday he could be seen pedaling down the streets of his suburban Paris village en route to work and home again. On weekends he'd take longer rides into the countryside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Imagine his delight when it was advertised that a bicycle race was coming to his little town! He filled out an entrance form immediately.

In the weeks leading up to the race, Pierre practiced. He rode as fast and hard as he could. He made sure his bicycle was ready. He watched videos, ate right and told all his friends about it. Then the big day arrived.

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Don’t get in your own way to achieve online marketing success


Common Marketing Myths Debunked

Every business owner wants to know what magical marketing tactic will get them the most return.

However, what often gets in the way of successful marketing is YOU!

Here are some myths in marketing every business owner should know.

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Had a good year? Don't let Uncle Sam ruin it!


Had a great year?  You just made Uncle Sam’s day!  If you have yet to sit down with a CPA for tax planning, now is the time.  A good CPA can reduce your tax liability, providing more money for you to save and invest. The most common techniques involve:

  •   Delaying income until next year
  •   Accelerating payments of current and upcoming   expenses
  •   Investing in your business for an even better next year

Smart investments in yourself and your business can minimize your tax liability and set you up for an even better 2018. Here are our best recommendations:

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The Rosetta Stone of Website Communication

It's July, 1799. The Nile Delta of Egypt.


Vision blurred from dripping sweat, a French army Lieutenant cursed the heat and the battering his fingerwere taking from the rough stones he was piling up along the fort's outer wall. The dilapidated fort needs a few hasty repairs to render it defensible in advance of an attack by a force of Ottoman Turks. As he bent to retrieve the next broken grayish rock to lug across the parade ground to plug a gaping hole in the fort's facade, he noticed a strange pattern on one of its facets.

What he had just wrested from the dust was one of many reused stones now employed as fill for the walls of Fort Quaitbey, probably hauled there ages ago from a ruined temple further up the Nile.

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