Cornerstone Content: Part of a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

Cornerstone Content: Part of a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

It's always something new. Google is constantly updating their algorithm which can sometimes leave your company website out in the cold. One day your site is the bee's knees and the next you're barely holding at the #10 spot on the search returns page. Those Google bots can be such know-it-alls!

Have no fear... we’re on top of cornerstone content.  Implementing these bad boys into your website will put you back into competition for the #1 spot. 

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Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Business Doesn't Fail in 2018

business failureFor a successful marketing strategy, your efforts should be focused on satisfying your customers. The only way you can succeed at this is by getting to learn their needs, preferences, buying behavior and online trends. Understanding the
your competitors are using to keep their clientele base growing, happy and full of expectations is also critical.
The following are some things you can do to achieve business growth.

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Marketing for Leads, Sales, and Revenue: 2017 Edition

When you rotate a map of England to the right ninety degrees, it looks vaguely like a ragged old shoe. Could this be a clue to the political meaning behind the nursery rhyme “The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe?”

Marketing for Leads, Sales, and Revenue: 2017 Edition | United WebWorksSome historians believe the “Old Woman” is Great Britain’s King George II. He’s the fellow who started the 18th century craze for men wearing white powdered wigs, possibly giving rise to the Old Woman moniker. Apparently he was met with a good deal of insubordination while serving as sovereign and, like the elderly mother in the rhyme, had a crisis of planning when it came to his “children.”

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

She had so many children, she didn't know what to do;

She gave them some broth without any bread;

Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

Some think “children” refers to parliament. We prefer the interpretation that points to the global empire of colonies under British rule. Could George II’s haughty mistreatment of his colonial possessions have been one of the root causes of the rebellion that occurred at the end of the century under his grandson, George III?

No one knows for sure who’s who in the nursery rhyme, but what is certain is this: Whether you’re ruling an empire or running a business, you need to plan carefully with the best information available.

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Savannah Riverboat Cruises | Tourism Website Design

Tourisim Website Design | United WebWorksOne of the most popular attractions for visitors to Savannah is a fabulous cruise on an authentic riverboat as it steams along the Savannah River. Gliding past the bustling port area and the historic sites of old town, it's one of the best ways to see the charming southern city of Savannah, and United WebWorks tourism website design has helped make it famous.

And it's one of the best ways to sample the rich cuisine of the Low Country. Savannah Riverboat Cruises's chefs and servers dish up some of the best food in the region with a distinct local flavor. On a number of their dinner cruises there's entertainment to set the mood whether its quiet conversation or cutting loose on the dance floor!

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A Bill of Rights for Sales Leads

The Founding Fathers agreed that the U.S. Constitution wasn’t quite complete, so they added a set of amendments - ten of them - right off the bat. It became apparent that in order to head off the negatives of old European governmental systems, they needed to guarantee certain specific rights for the average citizen.A Bill of Rights for Sales Leads | United WebWorks Savannah GA

It was a bit like including some average Joes and Josephines in the room when our republic was in the planning stages. In answer to the “what about us?” question, the framers came up with ten privileges that couldn’t be removed without due process of the law.

On this day we can establish religious groups, own a gun, and get a fair trial without our government depriving us of the opportunity for no reason.

The Bill of Rights and the other 17 amendments make it clear that the interests of regular citizens is important enough to be included in our core lawmaking document.

The same should go for any business. When we say, “The customer is always right,” What does that mean, exactly? It means that your company should look at being customer-centric by making and keeping some promises- a “bill of rights” for leads.

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