How to do Email Marketing the RIGHT Way

July 13, 2020

email marketing

Email marketing generates results. The big question faced by marketing managers is how to do email marketing to produce the desired return on investment (ROI).

Here are our recommended strategies that work:

Build Your Email List with Readers who Opt-In

First things first. Building an email list of prospects who have opted in or given your company permission to send them emails is key. You want subscribers.

There are several time-tested methods for building an email list. Some companies give away free information in the form of eBooks and downloads to entice prospects to subscribe. Another common way to build an impressive email list is to use the lure of consistent future updates.

Test to Determine Best Times to Send Emails Out

The adage about timing being everything is also true for email campaigns. It is important to find out the best day of the week and times of day to send emails out to increase your open rate. Entrepreneur reports that mornings are typically preferable since most people begin their day by checking their emails. But, this trend may not be true for all people. By testing and comparing your results, you can determine the best time to send out emails.

Increase Open Rates with a Compelling Subject Line

Obviously, an email needs to be opened to generate results. The subject line has got to grab the reader's attention. Forbes suggests using numbers in the subject line as one way to increase open rates.

Short subject lines are also recommended so that words won't be cut off by email services. Consider limiting subject lines to about 65 characters.

Briefly stating the benefits to be gained by reading the email in the subject line is always a must. Put the most important words first.

Use frequently asked questions or free offers in the subject line to pique a reader's interest. Offering "how-to" information is also a popular offering for business managers who are always seeking better ways to meet and exceed goals.

Use a Consistent Design for Higher Response and Brand Recognition

By being consistent with your brand email designs, your prospects get comfortable with the flow of the information. Another benefit of using consistent designs relates to branding. You want your reader to see the design and immediately associate your brand with the benefits you are offering them.

Focus on Relevant and Creative Content to Build a Loyal Audience

Relevant content that offers value to the reader is key for obtaining the results you desire. Using attractive design features and a compelling subject line may get your email opened, but if the content falls short, then the prospect may think twice about opening your next message.

Put yourself in the buyers' mindset. Think about what would interest you. This type of exercise is one of the best ways to decide on compelling and valuable content.

Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button to Increase ROI

Using a compelling call-to-action is agreed upon as critical in every piece of advice related to how to do email marketing. Sleeknote reports that using a call-to-action button increases click-throughs by as much as 28%.

Utilize Analytics to Improve Results

Marketing is an ongoing effort that must be measured and improved constantly. That's where analytics come into play. By measuring and analyzing data to refine your campaign, you can make necessary changes for improved returns.

Tweaking your email campaign to improve open rates is always important. The good news is that most email service providers offer complimentary analytics.

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