Which Type of Online Advertising is Right for Your Business?

June 15, 2020


Advertising is one of the most important aspects of any company. However, there are so many methods out there that it is difficult to differentiate between all of them. Let’s take a close look at which type of online advertising is right for your business.

Search Engine Ads

First and foremost, search engine ads should be on the mind of any business owner. Advertising on search engines is one of the oldest tricks in the book and still one of the most effective. If you have strong SEO to begin with, search engine ads will work wonders. You'll be directing more people than ever to your website for more information. Although search engine ads tend to be pretty basic, they get the message across nonetheless. The sheer number of people that encounter the ad will make it worthwhile. Google has taken over as the dominant search engine in the last decade, so make sure to commit to Google and possibly Yahoo!

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. People use this app on a daily basis to chat with friends and post updates about their life. Thus, it's a perfect place for advertising. If your business involves home and family products, you'll want to look toward Facebook to get the word out. You'll be reaching the ideal target demographic at all times of the day. In addition, Facebook has a number of convenient places for ads. Users constantly look at the sidebar as they scroll through a page. If they manage to reach the bottom, you can stick another ad there for good measure.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are subtly positioned all over the place. The moment you're done browsing a web page and move on to another one, an ad might pop up about the previous topic. It's a sense of deja vu that is super effective on consumers. These are called retargeting ads, and they are some of the ads with the most potential. If you have a good amount of traffic on your site and simply need your clients to stick around, consider retargeting ads. You'll be able to make people think twice about choosing another supplier, and hopefully they will come around to negotiate with you again. When used in conjunction with regular social media ads, targeting ads will lead to exponential growth.

Instagram Ads

Finally, Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms in recent years. Users love posting pictures and videos on a regular basis and tagging their friends in these posts. Ads on Instagram are slightly different than other sites. While you can definitely advertise on the sidebar, you can also advertise via tags in photos. Instagram influencers are constantly looking for products to support and form partnerships with. If you find an influencer who is willing to work with you, your business can reach a level of exposure like never before. Instagram is popular among young adults, so if your products concern technology or some sort of social app, you're in luck.

When all is said and done, it's important to decide which type of online advertising is right for your business. Not all types of advertising are the same, and some might be more effective than others in your situation. Pick the best type of advertising and watch your business thrive! 

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