Had a good year? Don't let Uncle Sam ruin it!

December 1, 2017


Had a great year?  You just made Uncle Sam’s day!  If you have yet to sit down with a CPA for tax planning, now is the time.  A good CPA can reduce your tax liability, providing more money for you to save and invest. The most common techniques involve:

  •   Delaying income until next year
  •   Accelerating payments of current and upcoming   expenses
  •   Investing in your business for an even better next year

Smart investments in yourself and your business can minimize your tax liability and set you up for an even better 2018. Here are our best recommendations:

Strategy and Planning

A good business strategist can provide quick, actionable recommendations for immediate return on investment. If you are spending too much time putting out fires or bogged down in the day to day, outside perspective from a professional can mean all the difference. Increase your success rate by 50% by setting goals, breaking them down into individual steps, and taking those steps one at a time.


Modern internet marketing techniques are orchestrated. They use the right channels to send the right message to the right type of buyer. They are measurable at every step in your buyer’s journey and can be fine-tuned to guarantee success.


Making contributions to a retirement plan is a no brainer for both you and your employees. Most plans can be funded the same day you file your return. A profit sharing plan for example, can dramatically reduce turnover and encourage better employee performance.

Charitable Gifts

Donations to deserving local charities have surprising benefits to your business. The most obvious win is the tax deduction but there is more. Donations get your name out your audience and let them know you care about the community.  The Two Hundred Club is one of our favorites (twohundredclub.org)

You work hard for your money.  Make this the month you turn the tables!

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