2019 End-of-Year Investment Guide

December 5, 2018

We’re looking at the end of a very good year in 2018, and we hope you are too!1_6NX_qezeYeKPmbOcZOhz7w

Like many of our awesome clients, we’re looking at this year’s balance sheet and thinking about the best ways to invest in our success and keep our hard-won earnings away from ol’ Uncle Sam!

Improving your greatest asset- your business- probably comes to mind as a good place to put some of your dollars. What do other companies do with any surplus they have in December? There are some great ideas out there, like…

  • Giving to a local charity- start building partnerships with nonprofits where you both benefit

  • Buy equipment and place it in service before December 31 and it’s probably deductible

  • Set up or add to benefits packages like retirements plans

  • Have a look at your debts and see if it might be wise to pay them down

Give yourself the Gift of Internet Marketing

We always tell business owners who are looking for high return on investment that MARKETING is always a good bet. Want some evidence?

  • 91% of smartphone users (and that’s just about all of us, isn't’ it?) grab their phone for ideas while in the middle of another task
  • 90% aren’t certain about the brand they want when searching online
  • 82% use their phones to research in-store purchases
  • 65% value relevant information regardless of the company whose content they see
  • 51% discovered a new brand or product when searching on their phone
  • 33% changed their mind about a brand because of better information from another one


What these stats tell us is that there are leads out there for you if your online presence- your website, social media channels, videos, emails, etc.- is brimming with relevant, useful content, and is optimized for the search returns page.

Don't wait until New Year’s Eve to resolve to develop your business... Take time now to pull the trigger on deploying your profits in positions that create even more of them in 2019!

Here are some of the most common year-end investments made by companies who are as bent on success as you are:

  1. Get some time with your CPA. She may not be quite as busy now as in April. Do some year-end review and planning this month.

  1. Capital purchases- The basic function of your offices or workplace is so important to the people who spend their days there, and that includes you! Replace old computers, fix that broken coffee machines and upgrade your furniture. Productivity does not suffer for those who pay attention to the little things.

  1. Schedule Training- What skills would you like to acquire for the next step? What holes are there in your ability to meet customer demands? There’s training available for that and more. Larek Point Consulting is one of our favorites- check them out!

  1. Outsource- contract with third party firms that do payroll or develop content for your website. Ask what would make life easier for your day-to-day operations and pay someone else to do it!

  1. Pay vendors early- Move that money into your vendor’s pockets now and avoid being taxed on it this year. You’ll make your vendors happy and that’s always a good thing (and you know you’re going to have to pay them anyway!)

  1. Strengthen your brand- invest in MARKETING! Sometimes you are your own worst enemy when getting out your brand’s core message- you get tired of saying the same things to the same people. Break out!  hire a group of marketing experts who can open new communication channels, freshen your message and pull you ahead of your competition.

We find that many of our new clients don’t know much about the impact that internet marketing can have on their business. Rightly so- you are focused on what you do best. Let United WebWorks do what we do best- get you found and noticed where your future customers are!

From website creation or redesign to fully orchestrated inbound marketing strategies, we can make your new year even better than this one! Let’s talk- schedule your free consultation now!

From our office to yours- happy holidays and may your 2019 be a record-breaking year!

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