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April 23, 2015

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There you are on the therapist's couch. Feet up, head on a cushion, just like in the movies. You begin:

"Well Doc, I dreamed about work again."

"Ach, no. Zat is no gut. Vee must cure you of zees nightmares." She's from Austria, like any good psychotherapist.

"Actually it was different this time."

"Verrrry interesting. Tell me about zis dream…"

"OK. I dreamed about our product, that people around the world suddenly knew about us, and were telling each other how wonderful our widgets are. Orders started coming in from France, Zimbabwe, Micronesia. I had to hire two people just to keep up! I checked our numbers and leads were growing exponentially. After a few days of this, we went public and with the infusion of capital we expanded our supply capacity, and invested heavily in research and development."

"Vas it your sales staff zat did zis?"

"No, that's just it! We hired a few people to take inbound orders and a few salespeople to field all the interest in our widgets. But, you know how dreams are- the weirdest things make perfect sense."

"Talk about zees 'veird sings.'

green_gummy"Beside the fact that the salespeople we hired were actually huge green Koala bears, The reason for our marketing success was, uh, some kind of friendly electromagnetic energy. We were all afraid of it at first, but it turned out to be on our side. I woke up refreshed, but with a curious sensation that it was all real. Except for the Koalas."


It's not a dream!

While we're not Austrian Psychotherapists, we think we can unlock the meaning of this dream (incidentally- you're not the only one to dream this very thing!). This is nothing less than an encounter with Inbound Marketing, with its unique ability to present products and services to leads that are already interested and ready to sign on as your business's evangelists.

Your Marketing plan is TOO SMALL!

But the thought of a complicated, expensive process to gain a toehold in the online marketing world seems daunting. What you dream about is a one-stop solution, from friendly experts who really care about your business's unique goals and challenges, RIGHT?

Now for some Free Advice from United WebWorks' "Doctors of Marketing." The 5 Indisputable Incentives for Inbound:

inbound marketing savannah GA1) Your best leads are online RIGHT NOW. They are perusing social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and snapchat. They are reading emails. They are doing research about possible vendors for products they need. It would be a great idea to visit the places where your customers hang out, would it not?

2) Your Marketing dollar per conversion could drop. Because one feature of inbound marketing is producing filtered leads, you spend less time and money trying to persuade people who aren't the least bit interested. In fact, if all goes well, sales leads will be able to find you easily with a minimum of persuasion, ready to buy. And you haven't wasted any marketing energy nurturing leads that never become customers!

3) It's possible to harmonize your brand's multiple channels to make beautiful music…
Start with an optimized website with which Google is infatuated!
Add Email, Ecommerce, Online ads, Print ads, Multimedia, Social Media, Sponsorships, and more, all singing the same tune.

4) You can automate a lot of the marketing process
Automatically, you can be noticed in the places your prospects are really looking, bring those prospects back to your website where they happily provide you with their contact info, Then, nurture that prospect until they become a customer.

5) You can measure the performance each and every step of the way. You will know:

  • How many visitors came to your site and how they found you
  • What they were looking for when they found you
  • Where they were looking
  • Which of those visitors became leads
  • Each subsequent visit that lead makes to your site
  • Your product or service they are most interested in
  • Contact information (phone number, email address, and more)
  • Qualifying information (annual income or revenues, number of children or employees)

inbound marketing kit

Our Story is Your Solution

We see a lot of businesses making mistakes when they think about moving their marketing to the internet. The first thing most business owners or managers think about is the company website. Once they hire a designer to improve it, they are disappointed to learn that their investment didn't really do much for revenue. We've heard the same sad story many times, when businesses find out that buying internet presence in bits and pieces just means you're...

Spending too much on uncoordinated, ineffective messaging.
Relying on just a website without the crucial back-end elements that put you on center stage
Not applying proven best practices means you're losing leads who were almost customers!
Focusing on the wrong goal- a nice website, large numbers of Facebook "likes"- doesn't move you toward your actual business objectives.


The Doctors have spoken. Your prescription is to call United WebWorks, inbound marketing Savannah GA at 912-231-0016 or click on our free "Inbound Marketing Kit" offer of above that will get you thinking about a plan to move your business toward the best of health.

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