6 Quick Tips for Social Media Engagement

February 13, 2019

Social Media is a great digital marketing tool, so why don't we make it bring us customers?! Are you ready to engage with your prospects to convert them into leads? Follow this list of tips for better Social Media Engagement:

  1. Create not just a Business Facebook page - create Local Facebook page. Create Facebook group and invite your prospects to the groups, when they can ask questions/give suggestions/ discuss topics. Be active and personable. Establish regular content writing and publishing routine; 


  2. Always consider your buyer personas, that you marketing for. What problems can you and your business possibly solve for them. Ask question + answer question. Talk to people like you know them in order to build human, personal relationships: show you care and ask to reach out;

  1. Give tips, tricks, advice, use humor. Get the content, that will make people comment, share, ask questions = ENGAGE;

  2. Don't hesitate to Ask!!!! Ask to share, retweet. Ask the questions and respond to the answers. Use emojis, make it fun. Share interesting content: videos, images, info graphics;

  3. Respond to questions and complaints. The best way to maintain engagement with customers is by always responding to comments, questions and complaints on social media;

  4. Make it easy to share your content. One way to measure engagement is by how many times your content has been shared by other users. This means you need to create interesting content that is easy for people to share. For example: pictures are great shareable content because they are easy to consume and are eye catching.

  5. Ask questions. Questions are a great way to start conversations online and allows many users to express their opinions. Get active on social media and interact with other users by commenting on their posts and sharing their content. The more you communicate with others the more likely they are to communicate with you.

    Read more about engaging your social media audience here.

What can social media do to up your marketing game?

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