Bare Minimum to Stay Relevant on the Web

June 11, 2019

In today’s digital age, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with new technologies and trends that will keep your web presence relevant. Staying relevant on the web does require constant updating and research. However, even if you don’t have much knowledge about web marketing, there are still a few tips to get you started when you need to at least do the bare minimum to grow or keep a strong web presence.

Website Design to Turn Web Visitors into Customers

Most companies are aware of the importance of creating a solid website for their business. However, just creating a good-looking website isn’t enough. It is crucial to create a website design that is professional, straightforward, and easy to navigate. If a customer is researching and comes across your website, you have that one chance to give off a memorable first impression. The ultimate goal for your website should be to convert leads into sales. Therefore, the impression visitors get from your site will be the determining factor in how successful your business will ultimately become.

According to TIME, over half of web visitors will leave a website in 15 seconds or less. When it comes to staying relevant on the web, you’ll need more than people seeing your website for 15 seconds. Leads need to become customers in order for your web presence to matter. Website content has to be clear about the products or services being offered and why visitors need them. Otherwise, they’ll go to a competitor that has the same product or service, but laid out in a way that’s easier to understand.    

Social Media to Maintain Connections

Once you have a professional website attracting customers, it is beneficial to take advantage of creating and updating different social media sites. According to Business News Daily, Facebook is still the most popular social media network and every business should have a Facebook page. However, there are several other sites that may be useful in adding to your social media marketing strategy as well. It may take some time to research which platforms are right for your particular business, but once you have these sites established, the results could be invaluable.

Social media is the best way to send out quick updates and reach customers on a larger scale. Beyond that, it’s an excellent source to increase the overall awareness of your brand and boost sales and leads. A social media page that is well-thought-out and updated regularly will improve how web visitors view your business when it comes to your trustability and company quality.

Online Reviews to Build Trust

An underestimated but highly valuable tool to use in order to boost your web relevancy is customer reviews. When a prospect is researching your company on Google and sees five gold stars by your company name, that makes a huge difference. People trust other people more than they would trust your company’s promises before working with you. And many of these prospects will be reading through these reviews before ever making a buying decision. It would be ideal to gain five-star reviews from all of your customers, but sometimes you won’t be able to satisfy everyone you’ve worked with. Making sure to provide the best customer service is important, but when it comes to reviews, try to highlight your positive reviews throughout your social media posts, the homepage of your website, etc.

No matter what your experience may be with web marketing, it is necessary to make it a priority if you want your business to grow in our digital world today. Focusing on a successful website design, social media sites, and online reviews are great places to start when just trying to do the bare minimum to stay relevant on the web. Unfortunately, in order to really gain success in these areas, it takes a lot of upkeep and constant monitoring.

If you’re ready to do more than the bare minimum when it comes to web marketing and want to see how your business can thrive in the digital landscape, United WebWorks is here to help. Our team specializes in all aspects of digital marketing and can help your business succeed.                  


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