Connected: Chatham Emergency Services gets public

May 23, 2018

Chatham ES 2

Savannah’s Southside Fire/EMS recently had an emergency of its own. Not quite a structure fire, but a big problem nonetheless. Their website was not keeping up with the growing demands for connections to the public they serve.

Once they rebranded as Chatham Emergency Services (CES), the five separate fire stations began to operate to represent themselves to the public as one, unified entity. Gone are the days with outdated information or the ever-annoying “Under Construction” message.

The new, improved website links to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that stores easily retrievable data on customers, job applicants, contacts and other stakeholders. It provides users access to forms they need in regards to insurance payouts. Schedule a Free Consultation with United WebWorks

Neilie Dunn, CES public relations representative, said she is thankful to have a full suite of digital tools to distribute information. With the new website as an information base, she posts on Facebook and Twitter, and produces press releases on related events.

Whenever we start a relationship with a new website client, we begin by discussing their overall organizational goals. Then we talk about how a website and subsequent marketing opportunities can make their goals a reality. CES’ driving purpose is to help local homeowners subscribe to essential fire protection services. Why? Because a small subscription fee reduces the amount paid into homeowner’s insurance and without it, a fire could cost victims up to $20,000.

While subscriptions are usually maintained through a mailed billing and paid by check, an online payment gateway is launching soon to make it ultra-convenient for businesses and homeowners. Additionally, there are access points for current employees, volunteers and job hunters as well.

As for future plans, we’re set to add Google Analytics functionality to measure and fine-tune how their website is meeting their goals. This is an all-important step for any website, because if it’s not helping you meet your business goals, why spend another dime on it?

Everyone at United WebWorks is proud to develop the new CES website and take care of their marketing efforts. We can make your business more profitable and goal-driven, too! 

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