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March 25, 2017


Who doesn't love a free sample? We sure do. Those tiny paper cups of fancy coffee, broken cookie pieces and teryaki chicken on a toothpick- YES! Our readers have also voted yes to free samples and so...

We're bringing this blog entry back! The following post was published back in September of 2014 and it's still one of our most-visited pages. Social Media has only increased in importance in the last three years and we don't want our fans to miss out on the incredible opportunities that await them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and all the rest. 

We've added some updates and refreshed all the stale information to bring this article back to fighting trim. Enjoy! And make sure you grab your copy of the sample Job Description for a social media manager, even if you aren't hiring one, it will help any marketer get a sense of what's involved in navigating social channels of content. Here is a link to the free job description if you want a TLDR.


Remember your first day of kindergarten?Social Media Audit

Or standing at the bus stop on that harrowing day in early September with your firstborn child, both of you pondering the fate of the innocents about to be consumed by that yellow bus's gaping maw?

Entering the universe of Social Media Marketing can be just a touch like that. If you know something about it, it feels like handing your baby to barbarians.

Social Media can be like those giant floodlights that expose your business to a LOT of people: Twitter gives you access to 300,000,000 subscribers, LinkedIn 255,000,000, Facebook, 1,100,000,000 (yes, that's over a billion people). And there are many, many more social networking spaces worldwide. Are you ready for that kind of exposure?

What Could Go Wrong With Social Media?

Social Media is not for the unprepared. Things can go wrong in a jiffy due to the viral nature of things on the information superhighway.

American Apparel and Gap both caught flack for tweets suggesting that Hurricane Sandy was a great opportunity to shop online. Seriously, what was their Social Media Manager thinking?

free social media manager job description

    Free social media manager job description


McDonald's hashtag #McDstories unleashed a torrent of bad publicity when tweets took a turn for the worst.

Kitchen Aid, Stub Hub and not a few others have had employees mistakenly (or not) post offensive or crazy stuff on their company accounts.

Trusting a Social Media Manager with this huge responsibility requires a careful approach! Don’t simply hire a 

kid with a lot computer know-how. This team or person must be passionate about your business, a great communicator, an especially good listener, and a customer service whiz, not to mention secure enough to get more than one set of eyeballs on a post before it goes out. 

Developing a Social Media Manager job description is a great first step. To save time, We're offering a free Social Media Manager job description which you can review and adapt it to your needs. Not only will it help you think through in advance what you really want, it will form the basis of the actual accountability, progress tracking and budget analysis. Make sure you are barking up the right tree.

Many of you are thinking, "The person I need has to do more than simply chat on Facebook all day." We got you. Check out our FREE Social Media Manager job description below that you can tailor to your particular angle. You may want to start things off with a multi-hatted person who can also cover jobs like website content writer, blogger, SEO captain, podcaster, and web traffic analyst.

Want more?  We can help! United WebWorks has been using Social Media Marketing since before it was a thing.

Need a little more convincing?

How did ADP double its followers on LinkedIn?

ADP doubled it's online following on LinkedIn simply by paying attention to two issues: 1) their existing LinkedIn pages had scanty content and were haphazardly updated 2) there were actually multiple unconnected LinkedIn pages representing various regions and business units.

Here's what they did about it:

  • Took control of the various LinkedIn pages
  • Overhauled the main corporate page with fresh design that better communicated the heart of the brand
  • Took content seriously by frequently posting original stories, case studies, multimedia, research and news
  • Looked for outside partnerships as sources of fresh, relevant content in the form of blogs and link

Not only did the followership double, but get this: before the project 70% of visitors were in-house employees. After? 70% were non-employees.

Good stuff.

United WebWorks is passionate about helping businesses grow by lending them our expertise in using the internet for inbound marketing. We're proud of our work, from simple website designs from scratch to complete management and development of comprehensive inbound marketing plans for any size business or organization.

We like to think of ourselves as the best kindergarten teachers ever. We live for the day when your business graduates to the next level, and proves that your ideas really can fly!

Are you ready?Free Social Media Manager Job Description

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Free Social Media Manager Job Description

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