How to Win with Alignable - The Newest Social Network For Business

January 2, 2020


Alignable is a networking site designed for small businesses to connect with other small businesses in their particular local area. It allows users to add their logo, pictures, products, services and events. Alignable also gives you the ability to give recommendations and answer or ask questions related to your field. This platform may provide useful tools, but does it actually bring in more customers? These are the best tips for how to win with Alignable and make the most out of the tools they provide.

Create Your Profile

After creating your profile and filling out the basics, such as the company name, locations, etc., there are sections for:

  • Our Ideal Customer
  • Businesses Who Recommend Us

These are the sections that really set this website apart from other social media platforms and makes it ideal for business owners. Alignable will give you customer recommendations to connect with based on your “ideal customer.” Make sure to fill this section out accurately. And the more positive recommendations your business gets, the better your company will obviously look to prospects.

Establish Your Network

Once you’ve set up your profile information, the next step to utilize the networking features is to first establish a solid network of connections. Start connecting with the people you are actively engaged with on a regular basis. These are going to be the people who are more likely to trust you, recommend you, and are more credible.

Grow Your Network

The most important thing to understand is that Alignable isn’t a network to simply sell to each other. Spamming in that way could result in your profile getting shut down. This network was established to help each other grow our businesses through the power of networking and referrals. Think about businesses that are similar to yours that you may want to connect with or businesses that have great other connections that you may be introduced to later on.

Does Alignable Really Work?

There are success stories of companies that say 80%-90% of their new clients come from Alignable. They do this through:

  • Making new connections every day or week
  • Adding events and specials to their page
  • Making sure their “Category” is accurate on their network for the best client recommendations
  • Checking the Forum for Networking Events
  • Posting answers in the Forum
  • Requesting to set up in-person meetings

Some of the most positive reviews about their win with Alignable have stated:

“I've been networking and learning more about my community. This has been very good for myself and now that I've started a new company, I believe it will be a great benefit.”

“I have found Alignable to be a steady stream of referrals and a great networking tool - far better than LinkedIn for me.”

“Alignable has designed the right formula to get your message out and build relationships within your market place.”

The key to how to win with Alignable really comes down to how dedicated you’ll be in giving it your best test. Alignable does provide several useful networking tools for business owners, but you’ll have to put in the work to make the most out of those tools. If you follow these tips and truly give Alignable your best shot, it will be impossible not to build more local connections and in turn, will most likely lead to more business opportunities. Have fun building new connections and forming the right type of network for your unique company!

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