Let There Be SITE! Website renovation for Boland Eye Center

October 9, 2014

Describe your favorite song without humming it.

Tell me everything about your favorite dessert!

What was it like to ride that rollercoaster?

While verbal or written descriptions are better than nothing, but we can't really know a song, a dessert or a rollercoaster unless we hear it, eat it or ride it!

Boland Eye Center of Savannah, GA wanted more out of their website. The old static site no longer served their business plan and though it was better than nothing, it was far from what was potentially possible. The old site wasn't up to the challenge of helping customers experience an invitation to superior eye care at their Savannah location. It ws time for a United WebWorks Website Renovation.

Now, the advantages of a "static" website appeal to some businesses, especially if it's a startup. They are quick and easy to develop, cheap to make and cheap to host. However, as a business grows and begins to rely more on online marketing, they realize that their website is simply a glorified Yellow Pages advertisement.

Content can go out of date quickly on a static website, and changing it requires development expertise; someone who knows how to manipulate code. Using a static website is frustrating for a visitor. All you can do is look.

What to do?

Boland Eye was ready to make the jump to a truly attractive and useful website, so they did what an increasing number of smart businesses are doing: googled "Web Design Savannah GA," and since we've done our SEO homework, United WebWorks topped the return list. During their initial visit to unitedwebworks.com, they submitted a request for a free analysis of their current site.

Free Mini-Audit from United WebWorks


A dynamic, responsive website was about to make Boland Eye Center the online envy of her competitors. Joomla was chosen as their CMS (content management system)  and we presented an easy-to-navigate Site Map for their approval. Website renovation commenced! One feature that makes the new site unique is the clickable toggle that enlarges or shrinks the text size for each page- these are people who need help with their eyesight after all! 

Boland Eye Center

Jalil Floyd, one of our intrepid developers says that the overall design of the site is his favorite feature. The colors, placement of elements, branding and graphics are waaaay better than they were before, he said. It was a complete upgrade in every sense of the word. Boland Eye provided photos of their shop, along with educational videos and stock photos of eye conditions and treatments.

"I learned a lot about different eye conditions," Jalil mentioned. That's one unexpected benefit to working at a web company: learning a little bit about a lot of completely different businesses.

Website renovation for Boland Eye CenterFlexibility was a necessity on this project as approvals, content and so on took varying amounts of time to finalize. Development took about two months, which is about average according to Jalil and his colleagues. Sometimes a launch date will get pushed later because of unforeseeable circumstances or changes to the proposed site.

Once the sale was finalized, a site map was submitted to Boland Eye to begin a series of editorial loops between the developers, content providers, and Boland Eye representatives. Design was the next element to get started. United Webworks uses the best experts to devise the look and feel of the layout, with clients' input.

The developers got to work on choosing the right CMS, filling in the site map, adding functional elements for interactivity and minor tweaks to the layout . Content originates mostly from the client, but is sometimes outsourced if it's a general topic. Multimedia is slotted in with approval from the client. After everything is tested, re-tested and triple checked, Launch day finally comes! Online marketing never looked so good.

From here, BolandEye.com takes care of itself. Staff members at Boland Eye can log into their Joomla account and change anything changeable. It's imperative the website material stay fresh. Google loves original content with all the SEO magic built in.

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