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April 28, 2017


Ammie Dover has a surprise for you small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Like magic, she can rid your day of “adminis-trivia!

Yes Please!

It’s all part of her consulting firm that helps local small to medium businesses and startups get ahead. It’s well known that as a business grows, the complexity of the details balloons out of control, and most visionary business-starters have a tough time controlling the chaotic swirl of details

While Ammie has been busy helping businesses build systems for growth, United WebWorks been at work building her a new website. She took her own advice and found a way to break bottlenecks and simplify her core activities…

She called and asked us to help her fix a few things.

Here’s what was on her need-to-do-better list:

  • A well-designed place for her regular blogs, easily editable and attractive to potential clients
  • An e-commerce feature that allows her to offer resources for sale, like e-books and tickets to events
  • Higher visibility for her website and Larek Point Consulting on the internet
  • A way to analyze her published content to better focus on target leads
  • Automation that allows her to push messages to clients and leads

Above all, Ammie wanted her site to put a spotlight on LPC in a way that boosted her competitive advantages. The goal of all these enhancements was in the end, more revenue- the real reason why we do what we do for all our client.

Larek Point Consulting had a website, but it wasn’t keeping up. Fraught with broken links and nonfunctional features, fixing and updating the site was something Ammie needed badly. What that starting point, we began working on fixing all the cosmetic issues.

Soon though, it became clear that a full replacement was a better solution. The finished product would allow her much more flexibility and control over making her own changes, adding content, expanding her e-commerce functions and automated communication. No more calls to an unresponsive webmaster to add an e-book to the catalog or a new photo on the home page.

Here’s what Ammie got. A simple design that addresses any visitor looking for help with their business. Everything on the homepage is targeted right at answering one question: “What makes LPC the best choice for me?”

The next priority is to offer more information to those who want to look further. A link to her blog page is clearly marked in the header, along with services, products, media, resources and contact information. Embedded in every piece of content are clear statements of what LPC can do for a client, so there is no doubt about focus. Offering examples of that kind of focus and attention to outcomes is a selling point in itself!

Selling tickets and resources was another need. We connected her with the extensions she needed to eliminate the time and money she was spending on selling through a third party.

Our developers also made sure the new site was indexed with the big search engines. She can also now study the analysis of traffic to her site to better plan for growth.

The installation of Constant Contact has put Ammie in control of her contact lists and gives her the ability to test, monitor and change all communication with them. From lead-generating emails to thank you notes, automation frees her up to do what she’s really good at- consulting!

Click over to her site and in one minute you’ll meet Ammie, hear a clear and persuasive presentation on what Larek Point Consulting can do for your business, and find out exactly what your next step is if you’re interested.

Give Ammie your first and last name and an email address, and she’s ready to send you a free resource- “Three Rules to Success.”

Deal? Offering a visitor something in return for their contact information is also just plain ol’ polite! 

We have a wonderful partnership with Ammie Dover and Larek Point Consulting and thoroughly enjoyed working with her on this website launch. Now let the leads rain down!

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