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September 18, 2017


Many small to medium enterprises get along fairly well with brochures and personal referrals- essentially word of mouth marketing; but there are a couple of giant holes in that strategy in the long term.

First, your competitors are doing the same thing, and unless you have an unlimited supply of leads talking to each other (or are the only ones selling what you sell), your inflow could ebb quickly.

Second, once a friend tells a friend, where does that friend go for information about you? THE INTERNET, SILLY! And that's where you are losing customers if your website  isn't designed for collecting leads.

As the generations change with time, so does the "buyer's journey." Asking cold leads to call your office for an appointment is as out of date as zoot suits and phone booths. Without a focused, non-threatening way for them to ask YOU to contact THEM, you might as well write your website copy in Elizabethan English.

Remote Technology of Savannah, GA figured this out, and called United WebWorks for help. Their former website was a classic online brochure and they saw the wisdom in harnessing their online assets to work harder for them.

Like so many of the businesses we serve, they provide a tremendous product and even better customer service. The world will be a better, safer place if Remote Technology can enlarge their footprint.

Remote Technology is a widely-experienced purveyor of physical security for all sizes of commercial and government entities. We're not talking security guards in a gatehouse, but the never-sleeping, all-seeing, fully interconnected devices that can boost the safety and security of almost any facility, in all weather, day and night, year 'round. Installing and digitally integrating high-tech cameras with an overall security network is their main expertise but they also design security plans that include locks, gates, barrier arms and turnstiles, along with the systems that monitor and control them.

Any structure in need of a robust plan for protection from intrusion, fire, or other unwanted events on their property can find a custom solution, all the needed devices and complete training and support in a partnership with Remote Technology of Savannah.

Their deep understanding of the newest state-of-the-art cameras also allow for applications like thermal imaging and high-definition process analysis of manufacturing process. Security cameras can snap crystal clear images of every license plate in your parking lot, or show you live video on your phone when there's been an alert.

Remote Technology

That's another thing- mobile capability. A very large percentage of our digital interaction has moved from the desktop to the laptop and now to handheld devices like your smartphone or tablet. Remote Technology's website was outdated in its ability to adjust to mobile viewing as well. In other words, the site would not adapt to the small screen.

You've been annoyed by this… You search for a website, tap on a link and a Lilliputian version of the front page appears in tiny, tiny text and pictures. Just TRY to click on any of the microscopic links on their home page!

Now it looks great on any size device, from 55-inch Smart TV's to 4-inch smartphone screens.

Remote Technology found an expert in making business websites earn their keep: United WebWorks. We partnered with them to transforming their online brochure into a lead-generating machine. Like their security cameras, their pages on the internet are now working around the clock to identify and track potential buyers.

One way they do this is featuring a Call-to-Action on EVERY page. Remote Technology's Tim Seyden told us that they gain many of their customers after performing a live, onsite demonstration of the capabilities of their systems. So we recommended placing a simple fill-in-the-blank asking for first and last name, a three-item pulldown menu indicating a category of what kind of security they need, phone and email. Upon entering the information, a behind-the-scenes workflow funnels the contact to a Remote Technology sales rep who calls or emails the lead to set up a time and date.

We are happy to report that Remote Technology is very pleased with their new home on the internet. The design is simpler, cleaner and prioritizes content by asking what a visitor wants to know first, then second, and so on.

It is fully optimized for search engine visibility, peppered with keywords like "Savannah Security Systems," and "Access Control Systems Savannah."

A next step for the site is to integrate the marketing abilities of social media posts like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Congratulations to Remote Technology of Savannah, GA for their new, interactive website! May it generate more leads than they know what to do with!


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