Should You Use a Free Website Builder?

March 17, 2021

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Has website building confused you? You are interested in creating a new site for your business. You are finally ready to grow and to monetize your site.

You can pay to get your site built. The other option is a free website builder. Should you use a free website builder? Here are the pros and cons of going in the free direction.


1) Wonky Web Address

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One of the more challenging parts of using a free website builder is the web address. Their site will always be in your URL.

It sounds very unprofessional to blurt out this web address. It subconsciously gives potential customers the notion that if you are willing to skimp on a quality website, what else will you skimp on. It also gives potential customers the idea that you are not really set in your business.


2) Advertisements

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There are advertisements on your free website. This is how they are able to provide this service. While this is not uncommon, you do not get any revenue from these paid advertisements. If you want to monetize your site with ads and affiliate links, you will need to go to a paid website.


3) Lock Down

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Perhaps you are considering a paid website in the future. You may think that you can build up your site now and transfer the data later.

In theory, this sounds like a solution. But, it has a lot of red flags. Besides that wonky web address that you will ultimately streamline and change, most free sites lock down your information. You cannot easily transfer your all of your content. That means all of those hours of planning and hard work in building up your content will be wasted.


4) When A Free Website Is Positive

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If you plan on creating a sort of "calling card" website, then a free website may be a solution for you. This is a website that gives out your business information, contact information and links to social media.

This will not be a website you use to monetize your blog. This sort of website is handy for those who just want to create a small presence online. This is also handy to have when you set up your Google My Business account.


5) Storage

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If your purpose is to include photos or sell items, a free site may not offer enough storage for you.


6) Design Selection

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If visual aesthetics matter to you, then a free site may not be ideal. There are limited designs available. However, if you are flexible, this is an affordable option for you.


need help designing your website_


7) Spammy Emails

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Thanks to your free website, you will be the target of extra emails and offers.


8) Statistics

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How is your website doing? With a free site, that information is at best, limited. If you want to see how your keywords and SEO strategy is doing, a free site does not give you that information.

Overall, free website builders can be useful for certain business with more simple needs. However, if you're looking to really grow your brand, the cost to get a website professionally made and managed will certainly pay off. If you're looking for an experienced web design company that can handle websites for any type of business, contact United WebWorks today!

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