Want to Get Fit at Home? Check Out Jamie's New Fitness Foodie Website!

May 22, 2017


At the heart of Jamie O'Rear's fitness coaching business, is her passion for helping other people feel better, more alive, content and purposeful. Focusing on physical fitness is not just a vacation for Jamie, it's a more like a fiery drive to excel still more.

When Mrs. O'Rear felt it was high time to explode her fitness coaching powers into new levels of success, she took stock of what she could build on. Paired with her love of creating clean and healthy cuisine that could fuel anyone's fitness goals, she knew she had an unbeatable combination of motivation, expertise and demand. Fitness Foodie was on the rise.

One of the barriers to her continued trend to greatness, was her Fitness Foodie website. So she turned to United WebWorks for help.

There were more than a few priorities for the new Fitness Foodie site. First was to expand her marketing reach in order to grow the number of online followers, leads and contacts. Making her website qualify leads for her Team Beachbody online community, was way more efficient than reading through a clogged email inbox every day.

Providing a personal touch point, supplying customers with products like special fitness shakes, healthy recipes, fitness tips and even access to complete workout video programs were all included in her site's new capabilities. Anyone can now sign up for a "Get Fit at Home" program right on the site. Automation has made a big difference in helping the Fitness Foodie expand her influence.

You can find coaching, and even become a coach, all from the Fitness Foodie website. Jamie can now edit any and all content herself too, without having to rely on technical support to process every change request. With a suite of analytics, Jamie can also better target her audiences by knowing what they click on and how much time they spent on the pages they looked at.

One feature we added was a connecting pipeline from her Instagram account to the website. This allows Jamie to upload media to her Instagram account and have it magically appear on the Fitness Foodie site, without another thought about it. No sending files or copying and pasting photos from phone to site.

Oh yeah- we also helped her update her logo and branding, which was carefully planned to attract the eye of her target audience.

Does your site need a major upgrade? Maybe it's gotten flabby and out of breath. We know it can probably work harder for you and save you time and money down the line. Let United WebWorks put your site under scrutiny to see if it needs a tune up or a major overhaul.

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