Website Upgrade: Safe Food Handlers Corporation

February 15, 2019

This website just may save your life someday

How? By making it easy for food service personnel to register for and pass classes on how to handle your food safely. Food safety courses play a vital role in preventing illness from contamination, spoilage, pests, chemicals and other food-related public health hazards. In other words, this kind of training benefits all of us!

Safe Food Handlers Corporation has a new website that meets that shared goal: providing a simple way for workers and volunteers in restaurants, hospitals, schools- any place that serves food to the public- to meet state and local regulations regarding food safety by registering for one of their training classes.

We can all agree that it should be quick and easy to register for this kind of training. Safe Food Handlers knew their old website could be better. It needed to be streamlined, more intuitive and easier to navigate, so they asked United WebWorks Web Design Savannah to help.

A bit more about Safe Food Handlers (SFH). Currently, they deploy more than 100 instructors, who offer more than 1,200 training sessions per year across the US. They produce instructional materials like the 22nd edition of the Comprehensive Food Service Training Manual, which they have used with trainees from over 50,000 food-related enterprises.

Why a Website Upgrade?

We teamed up with SFH's Ron Thomas to craft some goals for a new site. What makes SFH unique is their focus on in-person classes, their smaller trainer-trainee ratio and payment flexibility. Most training companies this field offer only online courses that are pre-paid, and tend to neglect smaller businesses and the need for teacher-learner interaction. That's one reason why SFH's graduates score an average of 92% on their National Registry of Food Service Professionals accredited examination, compared to only 86% for everyone else.

They also wanted to upgrade their ability to promote classes through email and rely less on using paper brochures sent to a purchased address list. That means they need to collect, store and retrieve email addresses through the site- we did that. Certificates are perishable- a Food Manager certificate is good for 5 years before needing renewal and a food handler certification lasts only 3 years.

New Call-to-actionGetting managers of food service operations large and small to sign up their staff for classes is the heart of what their website needs to do, so we set to work on delivering for them. The absence of a login to the site makes it a lot easier- you can simply click on the "register" button next to a date and location, complete a simple online shopping cart process and you're done!

Their new site now easily handles sign ups for in-person classes in five states, plus the opportunity to form a class elsewhere, and an option to sign up for online classes through TAP, an online-only training agency partner.

It's a very simple, streamlined and easily navigable site. It answers all the questions their audience brings with them into the site with easy next steps. If a food service manager is researching options or is ready to sign up, it's clear what to do next on every page.

Comparing their old website to the new one is like comparing a fast food cheeseburger to a fine filet mignon. MUCH better! And you can dine out with confidence that Safe Food Handlers Corporation is making sure your seafood is secure and your gelato is germ-free!

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