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December 9, 2013


Sometimes it's downright scary to talk to a car mechanic. When he starts talking about his ball joint separator, I seriously consider bicycling to work.

You: Hello?

Frank: Hi, Frank's Garage here. I've got a rundown on the issues with your car.

You: OK- what's the problem?

The next few seconds of the conversation never made it into your long term memory. The mechanic started to speak in some other language that may not even be used by humans. He did mention something about a planetary gear set…

You: "And the total cost?"

How to Choose a Web Design Company

You get the idea. Sometimes we feel at the mercy of the experts, especially when it has to do with things we need to survive everyday life. The last time I fixed my own car was about 1989. Ever since, I've needed a technician for the simplest repairs. The same goes for your business. The world of producing, marketing and delivering can be unthinkably complicated in today's global economy, especially as you grow. No executive can possibly know enough about inventory, marketing, human resources, finance, sales, etc. to keep up with her competitors.

Like they say, "Moving targets are easy to hit (with years of training, state-of-the-art equipment and a top-notch team to help you)."

Trusting outside experts with your marketing budget can be difficult. So far, you've gotten by with careful hiring of key salespeople and your entrepreneurial can-do attitude, but now "Frank" is on the phone speaking some kind of Martian language about inbound marketing and SEO. And deep down, you know it's time to accelerate up the ramp to the information superhighway for marketing online.

A good, trustworthy auto mechanic is a rare find. You know you found a national treasure when he says, "You don't need a new car. Your butterfly valve was affecting the manifold's parasitic drag, but I just tightened it and you're good to go." We have a saying at United WebWorks that you won't hear from others: "You don’t really want a website, you want SALES!" As you investigate the options for the next steps into cyberspace, remember that the uniqueness of your business demands a discussion about what you DON'T need.


Thinking about spending more on your company's internet presence by hiring a lead generation company? Your googling has introduced you to some heavy jargon like PPC, SEO, CTR and QS. Don't be alarmed, there are plenty of good people out there to help you navigate your way to increased sales and a boss-pleasing return on investment.

You might consider hiring someone in-house, or an independent contractor to handle your expansion to the entire globe. One caveat, though: This person must be an ace code-writer, a super-artistic graphic designer AND a business strategist who understands your constraints and opportunities. It's going to take you a while to find someone like that.

You could inquire into hiring a web design company who would be happy to dress up your website and even maintain it for you. But what do you actually want, a pretty website or more sales? Design or ROI? Both, anyone?

A full service web marketing company costs more up front, but over time will probably even out to comparability to most other options. Obviously you get a more comprehensive approach that includes a much higher degree of consultation on not only websites but social media, search results, mobile solutions, customer retention and more.

In your journey toward skyrocketing sales, ask a lot of questions. You should get down-to earth, understandable language that advances your mastery of internet marketing. And by the way, when Frank mentions a "Crankcase Evacuation Kit," he's not talking about the fold-up escape ladders in second floor rooms of the retirement home.


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