Best Marketing Trigger Words to Get More Clicks

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Bare Minimum to Stay Relevant on the Web

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In today’s digital age, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with new technologies and trends that will keep your web presence relevant. Staying relevant on the web does require constant updating and research. However, even if you don’t have much knowledge about web marketing, there are still a few tips to get you started when you need to at least do the bare minimum to grow or keep a strong web presence.

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Marketing to Millennials

 The Greatest Generation. Baby Boomers. Gen-X. Millennials.

Marketing to MillennialsThe idea of categorizing people in our society by generations is a uniquely recent phenomenon and as nice and tidy as it sounds, placing people into a historical box isn't so easy. For much of our history, events and culture proceeded at a leisurely pace; people born in 1900 lived a lot like people born in 1800. Maybe it’s a way for us to try to understand and cope with the blistering rate of societal and technological change thrust upon us in this century but as much as we'd like them to be, the boundaries between contemporary cultural cohorts just aren't that clear. 

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How to Write a Blog Post (That People Actually Want to Read)

 Before we get to HOW to write a blog post, a word about WHY. After you are motivated by the purposes of regular blogging, we'll give you some veteran-tested tips on how to do it well.

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Website Marketing- how prepared are you?

BeFunky-photoPierre loved riding his bicycle. Almost every weekday he could be seen pedaling down the streets of his suburban Paris village en route to work and home again. On weekends he'd take longer rides into the countryside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Imagine his delight when it was advertised that a bicycle race was coming to his little town! He filled out an entrance form immediately.

In the weeks leading up to the race, Pierre practiced. He rode as fast and hard as he could. He made sure his bicycle was ready. He watched videos, ate right and told all his friends about it. Then the big day arrived.

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